Special Report

What Students Really Need to Learn About AI

May 10, 2023
Photo collage of computer with pixelated image of girl.
F. Sheehan for Education Week / Getty
Conversations about the implications of artificial intelligence are everywhere. They are in education, health care, law enforcement, the military, and the music and art worlds. AI’s potential to transform society is both promising and scary.

The emergence of ChatGPT this school year and related concerns about students using it to plagiarize assignments has put AI front and center in schools. Some districts have taken a hardline approach and banned the technology in classrooms—others are encouraging their students to learn how to use it in smart, ethical ways.

All this raises important questions: What does it mean to be AI literate? And should schools be teaching those skills?

This special report addresses those questions and provides a roadmap for how schools should handle the growing role of AI in our daily lives.