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Teachers, Try This: Use Restorative Justice to Solve Student Conflicts

By Kaylee Domzalski — July 5, 2023 3:11
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Teachers regularly encounter student conflicts over things like sharing, not taking turns, and using a pencil without permission. According to Michael Roiger, a kindergarten teacher in Prior Lake, Minn., most can be resolved utilizing the “peace path,” a conflict resolution system that focuses on how students are feeling about their actions and how they can come up with solutions on their own.

Roiger introduced the peace path to his students to help them learn how to sort through their feelings and advocate for themselves.

The peace path consists of colorful, step-by-step mats on the floor that help guide students through the exercise. Through this restorative justice practice, Roiger has seen students then flex their conflict resolution skills not only at the mat, but also on the playground, and throughout the classroom.

Kaylee Domzalski is a video producer for Education Week, telling meaningful stories that impact the field.


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